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Scooter :


Not far from Saint-Bonnet le Froid, you can enjoy activities in the middle of nature. In the village of Chambon sur Lignon, we offer electric scooter rides.


Whether you're a beginner or an amateur, electric scooters are handy and accessible to all and promise new sensations.


Ideally located between the Haute-Loire and the Ardèche, the area is ideal for making beautiful walks through the snowy paths and breathing in the invigorating air of the Haute-Loire.


Quad :


We also offer quad bike tours through the local landscape, sublime under the snow.


We have several possible loops, depending on the levels and expectations of each.


This activity is as suitable for a group of friends as for a family, with the possibility of being a duo or solo.


The flexibility and manoeuvrability of our machines make you feel comfortable and safe.





Ski  :


Our snow-covered plains are the perfect place to spend long moments, skiing. The slopes are accessible for all levels as much to spend a beautiful day with family, or with friends, to challenge each other on the slopes.


The vast surrounding expanses promise a breathtaking panorama and take a breath of fresh air.




Raquettes :


Come enjoy a beautiful snowshoe ride in the heart of our paths of the Haute - Loire and the Ardèche.


Huge expanses of snow are available to you, free to exploit them and discover the surrounding nature.


Snowshoes are suitable for any type of public, mainly for leisure, with friends or family.



Segway  :


The segway is an atypical device, which changes the means of common locomotions. You can test them with us. First, the initiation with the discovery of the segways, then the practice on a course.


Depending on the climatic conditions, the activity can take place in the middle of the discovery of the local landscapes. We have an indoor practice area.




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